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My passion of all things 'textile' began at high school when my teacher inspired me and lit the textile flame. For over four decades I have made fabric and textiles a significant part of everyday life.

I know I have been very fortunate to have enriched my life with fabric, textiles, quilting and the amazing group of likeminded friends I have made along this journey.

A small snippet of my quilts can be seen on my gallery.


"Families are like quilts... Lives pieced together, stitches with smiles and tears, coloured with memories and bound with love. "

Meet Raquel White Brickendon Quilt Co

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I started my own longarm quilting business in Australia in 2002, as my children were growing up and going off to school. I initially purchased one Gammill long arm quilting machine and started my business from our family home. I quickly discovered I needed another machine to stay on top of the ever-growing workload. I imported my second quilting machine and have never looked back.

I am married to Daron together we have 4 adult children, 3 x beautiful grandchildren. Over the years our family has moved about, but we are now in Canberra where we will be for a while to come.

Wherever we have lived I have continued to quilt. The love that comes through colour, design, warmth, making and giving has never diminished.

Brickendon Life in the USA


Life in the USA

Whilst in Melbourne I was fortunate enough to work from the showroom of the Melbourne Gammill dealer, Elizabeth Machine’s. I operated my business from here and assisted the team by offering training as part of the 'post sales service'.

During our time in Melbourne, Daron was offered a unique opportunity for our family to relocate to the USA, an exciting new chapter for our family.

The Whites arrived in Bentonville, Arkansas on a cold and snowing Christmas Day, where we stayed for approximately two years. Whilst in Arkansas, I quickly joined patchwork classes and quilting groups in the local area where I found ‘my community'. I continued to learn as I immersed myself in the fabric history of The United States.

I attended The American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), 'MOKA’ (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas branches) where I was honoured to present and deliver to the group 'The Rich History of Textiles in Australia”, from Indigenous times to today.

Throughout my worldly travels I have continued to stay connected and have always used Gammill longarm quilting machines to complete my own work, and that of my new friends, clients and colleagues.

Patchwork Colour, Fabric and Design



More recently I have focused on both professional and personal growth to further enhance my business self which compliments my passion of all thing’s fabric, colour and design. Studying at The International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) was certainly a highlight and the learnings have further enhanced my skillset.

We have recently moved to Canberra and will now be making this our home and the new HQ of Brickendon Quilt Co.

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